Backdating planing

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Autopay wasn't working, money didn't come out, my fault, no insurance for you. I pay premiums through end of Met Life contract (Hooray, and many thanks to whoever pulled the plug on them! After a quick call to United Concordia to confirm that I, a reservist on extended active duty orders, had been covered by them and NOT Met Life, I give our friends of Met Life a call. Since last winter we have NEVER ONCE received an actual statement. Last week (Jan 5th, 2017) we were once again waiting for our quarterly bill.

A bill from Met Life for me -- not my family -- to the tune of 0 for premium payments extending back to 2015.

This debt reduction strategy will allow you to transfer a balance from a credit card with a high annual percentage rate, or APR, to a new one that is offering a low, introductory teaser rate for a certain period of time.

Of course, not every offer is created equal."There's a tipping point for some people when it comes to how satisfied they are with a card," says Bruce Mc Clary, vice president of public relations and communications at the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

I pointed out that, given the other bill being entirely bogus, I needed more to go on than that. But to blame for never received bills on the USPS was too much. I could not believe that such a well known company would play the blame game and engage in finger pointing. That being said, I had no idea that there was a max amount of 00 for a spouse.

Met Life loses Tricare dental contract, this Reservist rejoices. Service rep tells me I owe back premiums, I disagree, I spend some time on hold. Looks as if that bill had been canceled, and I can just ignore it. "Were you going to send me something to let me know that I didn't have to pay that bill? My husband called and was advised it was mailed in NOVEMBER!

Before deploying, I get a postcard informing me our family dental insurance had changed. " "Nah, we don't have the contract anymore, no further letters to be sent out. I also asked about the 0 bill for the family plan backdated premium changes. They promised they'd mail another bill immediately. I called, and was told by the CS rep that it was mailed to our address (I confirmed that they do have our correct address) and blamed it on the USPS.

So, before you dive into these tips, make sure this is something you really, really want. Of course you're going to want to get back together after only one week.

Wait a little bit and see if you still feel the same way after a few weeks.

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