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“I have no idea what the future holds when it comes to dating and relationships and all that kind of stuff,” she said, “but I certainly wouldn’t say no to anything !

” For a reminder, however, that dating is hardly the most difficult part of being trans, Jenner and her pals visited Camp Aranu’tiq, which counsels transgender youth.

Semi undressed and completely unscripted, The Comic Strippers take off their shirts and take on your suggestions to create a whole new genre of comedy.

They sing, they “dance.” These guys are oiled up and ready to make you laugh at them.

Book your tickets now to get the best seats in the house at https:// A post shared by The Dreamboys (@dreamboys) on Unfortunately this part is a must and takes real hard work and dedication – it’s also one of the reasons why many of the guys that I work with are personal trainers or dancers.

And though Cayne pushed Jenner to go “visit” the guys on stage, she stayed at her table, sometimes peeking through her manicured fingers to watch the male and female dancers shake it. It’s honestly like being fed to the wolves.” As Radar reported, although Jenner initially insisted she planned to date women exclusively post-transistion, that position has shifted slightly in recent weeks.“It’s absolutely overwhelming,” Jenner later said of her new life as a bachelorette. Insiders told Radar that she’s secretly entertained the idea of dating men for a while, and on Sunday night’s episode she admitted, “It would be very attractive to me to have a guy treat me like a woman.” But meanwhile, she called pal Cayne “hot as hell,” and Cayne herself insisted, “I think that Cait is probably …my gut says that she is attracted to women.” In the end, Jenner seemed fine with postponing the dating life for now.If you’re in a relationship and you don’t wish to create unwanted aggro, make sure the partner you have is secure enough in you and your relationship to deal with such a change in lifestyle. Have an end goal, the last thing you want is to be a 45-year-old ‘past-your-peak’ stripper trying to keep up with the younger lads, all because you were too cocky to believe that your time would come to bow out gracefully.People of Lowestoft, we hope you enjoyed the @dreamboys show last night.

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