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We added mitogenomes for eight new cypriniforms and one outgroup to a data set comprising 53 and six outgroup mitogenomes from a previous study to make our taxon sampling geographically representative.

The ML tree reconfirmed monophyly of four basal cypriniform clades (cyprinids, catostomids, gyrinocheilids, and loaches including balitorids and cobitids).

Most of the studies on species with disjunct distributions in these two areas have focused on estimating phylogenetic relationships among EA and ENA taxa and estimating divergence times, yet few have rigorously analyzed patterns of morphological variation among the disjunct taxa. is distinctive in having a pseudomonomerous gynoecium (two-carpellate with one carpel reduced developmentally).Taking biogeographical analysis and node dating into account, we consider the most likely candidate for the initial geographical range of Order Cypriniformes to be the south-eastern area of Mesozoic Laurasia (present-day southern Asia, excluding the Indian subcontinent).Q: Myles siding in Wyoming is named after a CNW employee, could you tell me his first name?His Team mate was Clarence Percy Rowden, a local man born in the area in 1885. Cheers, Shayne Randall Initially Philip Rowden’s family lived in Newark, NJ where is older brother George Rowden later became a prominent citizen of Newark and a partner in the engraving business Dickenson and Rowden. Philip went from Newark, NJ to Elkhart, IN Avis, you will find our family tree under Bow 2.Philip Rowden married in Livingston, NJ in 1856 and had a son (William H. By 1860 he and his 1st wife, Sarah Amanda Dickerson (Dickenson) ? By 1863 Philip Rowden was living across the Michigan border where he registered for the draft in Burr Oak, MI in July 1863 and was commissioned in the US Army's 1st Michigan Infantry as a Chaplain in Aug. If you look in the church records in Chumleigh, Devonshire you should be able to trace to James Edward Rowdon, our great-grand father.

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