Dating lenox backstamps

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No doubt there are many others which have not yet been documented. The Lichfield back-stamp was used on eight pattern numbers in 1961, after an agreement between Shelley and a company called Canadian Cookware.

The Lichfield back-stamp was placed over the Shelley back-stamp.

Use the tables below to work out what the codes represent for the date and the class of material.

Diamond mark month codes *From 1-6 March 1878, W was used for the year in place of D.

The "Richelieu" backstamp is unique to items of that shape.

There are at least 55 named patterns, including J F Wileman versions of the "Asiatic Pheasants" and "Leaf" shown above, each with its own backstamp.

Paintresses marks - Various dots and squiggles were used to identify the paintress of a particular piece.

These marks were used to calculate the wages of individual paintresses who were paid on a piece work basis.

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