Dating traditions around the world

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The countryside is the heart and soul of Romania, where peasant culture remains a strong force and medieval life prevails, as it does nowhere else in Europe.A young American couple, researching ancient traditional villages in Europe for post-graduate studies, recently moved in with a host family in Northern Romania in order to document a culture unique in the world.In Brazil it is tradition that the happy couple gives presents to parents. At the wedding reception in Brazil the bride often walks from table to table carrying a basket with "lembrancinhas".Each guest gets little object which serves as kind of "souvenir" of the wedding.Hawaiian royalty and commoners each had their own genital chants which described their sex organs both figuratively and literally.Called mele ma‘is, the genital chants were a celebration of the future generations boys and girls would sire. In the Trobriander tribe of Papa New Guinea, children start engaging in sexual activity as early as age 6 to 12. Some believe that in ancient Egypt, it was thought that the ebb and flow of the Nile was caused by the creation god Atum's ejaculation.

Starting at 13, boys have sex with older women who teach them restraint and how to last longer to please a woman. Different boys spend a night in the hut with the young girls until she finally finds a match.

The caipirinha is made with cachaça, lime and sugar. All brides want to have great weather at their wedding.

That is why all future brides never eat directly from the pot in the weeks before the wedding.

People are happy to meet foreign visitors, often inviting them into their homes for a meal and conversation.

For a true introduction to Romania's traditional villages, consider a home stay.

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