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If they are indeed husband-and-wife, this is Plant’s second marriage.He divorced Maureen Wilson, the mother of his three children, in 1983.That’s clear to me now, and it wasn’t when I was younger.

The rest of us are paying a larger percentage of our incomes than they are.

While the news has not been officially confirmed, the iconic Led Zeppelin frontman is certainly hinting that he has tied the knot with the Americana darling. It’s unclear if Plant was serious about eloping and if so, when and where the nuptials took place.

“I tap my hand on the table and they fly out the walls in this huge cloud, like something from a Disney film,” he said.

She also features prominently on 's eponymous 2010 album.

Like a learned Greek philosopher, Patty Griffin has a lot of wisdom to communicate regarding her uplifting new album, Servant of Love, her 10th. “I’m really bad at saying this stuff,” she confesses, reluctantly.

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