Updating questhelper

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Once you have confirmed the addon is running correctly slowly enable your other addons until the problem returns.

Let us know the name and version of the addon that is causing the problem and we will look into the issue. Pressing Alt m will bring up your original map and it should work as normal.

If you like, please give it a try, and help me make the addon better. I am using r54 which I got from here and it works fine for me, but wanted to let you know that the Curse link from this page takes you to v4.3 on that says it was Updated 4 September 2012 .

It is listed as v4.30 and supports v4.3, not sure if it is a mistake and should say v.5.04 .

Great storyline, new Demon Hunter class, epic weapons for everyone, and tons of content to keep us all busy.I have been developing my modified quest tracker over the past few years.Each time Blizzard updated it's tracker, I updated mine with it.Tip: this also works well with Tourguide based addons For now I consider the tracker fairly feature-complete except for the buddy leveling-system which I hope to extend in the future. Please create a ticket with your problem on wowace.If you have ideas, feel free to create a ticket on wowace describing your wanted feature. Since I am only one person it's impossible for me to test every setup or addon-combination. Please submit bugreports, localizations in your language and suggestions. Feel free to post a comment about having created such a ticket of course!

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