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believe me I know there are lazy white guys out there too.but you may not want to admit it because of your relationship but there are a lot of black guys that only want white girls as trophys and because they were raised with some pride , values and morals and they know they will treet them good and they can treet them like crap and I don't understand that and I am sorry you don't see things from my point of view but I don't see them from yours either I don't hate black people or mixed race couples I know a white girl that is with a wonderful hard working black guy that truly loves her to death but before she met him she lived with a guy that got her pregnant everytime he got out of jail and she raised 3 kids by herself so he was a real thug not a want to be thug that just dresses sloppy and acts tough maybe they can pull a gun on you and say now how tough am I but if they got in a real fight they couldn't fight because they would have to stop and pull there pants up every few seconds. My name is Brianna and I’m 16 years old and I’m also natural! I am currently enrolled in a predominately white school out in the suburbs.

These are the few who end up marrying from & living in the black community.2) Some want to dissociate from racism. I'm sorry I really am that I am apparently prejudice I have a black guy that I have worked with for years that I have talked with him of course he don't wear his pants down to his knees but he says he doesn't hate me for the way that I feel and that he can kind of you for the reply and I wish you the best with your relationship but maybe my real problem isn't his race it was just mentioned maybe it is the fact of personality and lack of enthusiasm and I didn't give her everything so she could just let someone walk all over take take take and not give anything to the relationship but sex and a few nice words. I just like that thug style the sagging pants the big tee'z . you should be happy for us not bring us down or judge us.I dont understand why people are prejudice because just because they are black or because their mexican hispanic etc etc. and personally I think black guys are and mexicans'are *sexier*.Date and mix with blacks.3) White girls are adventerouse, and some want to taste the "forbidden fruit" if u know what i mean. These are girls u see in afro/carribean clubs all wkends with black guys and during the week with another white bloke. They just wanna have fun, when its time, they go to the alter with their white bloke4) For those who happen to break off from the grip of rock & dance music into r&b, see black guys as the only option to date as they will share (at least one) thing in common, Good music!

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