Who is amber benson dating

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The two actresses reunited with the rest of the Buffy cast this week for an Entertainment Weekly shoot.

In an interview in EW, out today, Hannigan explained that she did not initially twig when she was told by show creator Joss Whedon that her character, who initially dated men, would get a girlfriend.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers: The post- hasn’t been easy for Buffy’s stalwart friend.It’s just been such a profound thing for people who were going through the same thing or just terrified of what they were going to have to go through and just to see somebody that they had been watching for so many years to get to not feel so alone, it’s like it’s such a gift to be able to be part of that.”There definitely hadn’t been a gay character that had been on a show from the beginning [before Buffy].This was a character that you got to see the journey, that was very groundbreaking.Buffy actresses Amber Benson and Alyson Hannigan have opened up about their groundbreaking Buffy the Vampire Slayer role.The pair played fan-favourite lesbian witches Willow Rosenburg and Tara Maclay on the cult series – one of the first same-sex couples to appear in a TV show aimed at teenagers.

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