Who is rufus sewell dating now 2016

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Yoga-loving Yasmin is keen on spirituality and once appeared in Vogue with her ‘healer’.The Any Questions host, who has two young children with second wife, Jessica Ray, 40, says: ‘It’s exciting.I mean, the fact that Amazon had said yes to the idea of this series, when so many people had said no, showed that they had real balls.They were prepared to make an enormous statement and take a risk.The £75 million ‘e-tailer’ launched with a whimper earlier this month, amid whispers that fashion chiefs are unwilling to sign up to the start-up because its business model is misguided and they think Conde Nast should stick to glossy magazines. She met Rufus in Australia aged 19, and the couple married when Yasmin (nee Abdallah) was 23, separating less than a year later because she was ‘a bit messed up’.When Sewell was appointed as Style.com’s fashion director last November, Conde Nast bosses praised her ‘unique vision’ — and she certainly values second sight.I’m jet-lagged from…’ You stretch that out as long as you can.I’m unemployed less now, but generally after I’ve done a really big and important job in my career, that’s when I’ve not worked for a long time.

The way Amazon Prime video works, the fate of a series is decided by viewer reaction to the pilot - how was that for you?

“She’s not the kind of person who would indulge that kind of thing, she’d be like, ‘Nonsense’. She just did me a nice turn.” With a nudge in the right direction his career swiftly took off; by the mid-1990s simultaneously conquering TV, stage and film with a flashy role in Tom Stoppard’s , but that was many years ago, Jesus Christ. I’ve bumped into Kate a couple of times since.” If that film was pivotal for both actors – launching Sewell on a film career path which would include “You do things that turn out five or six years later to be pivotal but at the time whenever you do anything significant, the immediate result tends to be unemployment.

Only when you look back with perspective do things seem important.” He’s learned to deal with bumps along the road.

But his ex-wife Yasmin Sewell, who still uses the actor’s surname even though the couple separated 16 years ago, could be sent to fashion Siberia by icy American Vogue fashion editrix, Anna ‘Nuclear’ Wintour.

Despite benefiting from Sewell’s star-power, fashion buyer Yasmin, 40, is struggling to set the fashion world alight with her new online shopping venture Style.com, developed by Vogue publisher Conde Nast.

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